Parse recipe ingredients easily

Zestful's ingredient parser API turns plain recipe strings into beautiful, structured JSON data.

Translating an ingredient into structured JSON

Helping recipe app developers

Zestful makes recipe apps smarter about managing ingredients. Zestful transforms ingredients from opaque strings to meaningful data in easy-to-consume JSON format.

Use cases

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Make your recipes searchable

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Build shopping lists for your customers

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Create an ingredient database

Keep the data you purchase

Zestful licenses its data with developer-friendly terms:

  • Unlimited data retention
  • No restrictions on resale
  • Zero attribution requirement

Solutions like Spoonacular and Edamam prohibit developers from storing the ingredients they parse:

You may not scrape the spoonacular API or in any way attempt to copy or store the information it provides, including any derived, hashed, or transformed data... If you stop using the spoonacular API or if your access to the API is suspended for any reason, then you must delete all data you ever obtained from the spoonacular API.

-Spoonacular's Terms of Service

You are prohibited from copying or archiving any of Edamam Content and/or collecting any data from Edamam Content, without Edamam’s prior written consent... In the event this agreement between you and Edamam under these Terms is terminated for any reason... you shall forthwith and permanently delete all Edamam Content which you used and/or stored/archived in connection with your use of the Edamam API.

-Edamam's Terms of Service


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